B+ architects is a multidisciplinary team of designers who strive for sustainable designs with added value for both the users and society in general.

We are critical, research-oriented, innovate and focuse on research.

Through critical attitude and in-house research, we design and develop buildings, interiors, landscapes and neighbourhoods that foster close-knit communities and have a positive impact on users, society and the planet.


Ali Berktas | architect
Ruben Braeken | architect zaakvoerder
Maarten Masset | restauratie-architect
Charlotte Torfs | architect
Johny Verstegen | BIM-coördinator


Zagerijstraat 39/1 
3600 Genk
T: 089/25.22.33
M: info@bplusarchitecten.be

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B+ architecten bv | Zagerijstraat 39 bus 1 3600 Genk | www.bplusarchitecten.be | M info@bplusarchitecten.be | T +32 89 25 22 33